About Lucas Canavan...

My objective is to help others achieve their goals through the effective and productive use of technology.  I have a passion for technology, depth and breadth of experience, and a rare combination of technical and interpersonal skills.  I aim to apply my expertise to solve real-world business problems.

Lucas Canavan

My expertise is related to architecture, design and development of web, cloud and mobile solutions on the Microsoft .NET & Node.js platforms.

Since completing a Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) at Monash University in 1995, I've been working in a variety of roles related to building software solutions.  My responsibilities typically include architecture, design and development of web based solutions.  I'm always learning and are keen to share the learning experience with others.  I strive to develop innovative solutions and maintain a keen interest in the IT industry in general.  I enjoy working in new and challenging environments.


About this site...

I primarily developed this site so I could experiment with the products, technologies and techniques associated with my profession. Key products/technologies used to develop this site: